A torrent of smiles and salt she is. Will you taste her breeze?🌊

​Her vibe was a ferocious sea.

Raging. Fierce. Unabated.

A torrent of smiles and salt,

generous to a fault.

Diving into her crazy

was nothing at ease.

One had to deal with rocks,

to taste her breeze.

– Pooja Gaur

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Infinite dreams

Infinity pools are the beauties that make the ends meet, fill your soul with freshness and take you to a completely different world where you connect with yourself.

As I wrote my last semester exam yesterday, I was wondering of the things I have to accomplish, places I have to visit, food I have to eat and people I have to meet. Literally a hugeeeee infinity pool 😀🌟

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Dare to dream

The craziest thing about me is that I keep on adding and adding and adding my dreams to my bucket list that now I cannot even remember from where it starts.

I love the fact that my dreams are not limited and thus I have to hustle hard to achieve them all. It keeps me motivated. You must try it too and trust me it will make you so so happy.

Take a page and start with the 5 dream places you have to visit, 5 new dishes you wanna try and 5 people you gotta meet.

I bet your bucket list will expand at a rate it ought to be called the same. Ha ha⚡💋

If it is so, do write to me about the latest additions to your infinity pool. 😍

Hoping that summers have your goals in place! Make plans, fulfill them and keep decorating your soul💕☺❤💋


Un-break your wings

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An unbreakable spirit

We all love birds! Who doesn’t? 😀We love the way they fly- freely, unhindered and chasing the sky. They mirror what our heart wants- to roam and dance with all our wings. 

I too feel like a bird with wings and feathers that decorate my soul, but at times, when someone belittles my emotions, dreams and desires, I feel like my wings have been cut forever.

Little do I understand that our wings grow back again and again, just like that of a blue bird. And, that is because of the unbreakable spirit we all have within us.

God has made each one of us beautifully, giving us the power to un-break our wings from all the validations of life. 👼

I would thus, like to pen it down for whoever feeling the same as me, that, darling! make your spirit unbreakable. Be so Strong that no one can cut your wings forever.

They could break her wings.

But, not her spirit.

– Pooja Gaur

Until next time,

Keep decorating your soul. ❤😘⚡

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Pooja Gaur

Touch scars, not agony. Glorify summer, not winter.

Summer, scars, youth, beauty, pain, cold, winters, life, heart, feel, glorify, spot, fire, fear, love, poem, touch,
Feel her summer, not her winter.

We all have raw insecurities, fears and dark spaces. But we definitely do not want anyone to point that to us. 

In a single day, we come across so many people in our lives who pour their hearts open to us, but not all times do we acknowledge their sufferings. We hear their stories, sympathize and get busy with our own lives. That’s not selfish, but our occupied lives make it so.

Finding faults is easy. Even automated computers do that. But, God has made us human with an intention to do something more than criticising. 

Instead of touching the pain and agony associated with one’s past, try to heal the scar.

If you love someone even for one second, please believe in their fine, fierce spark and help them get over their fears. It is important and need of the hour that we help each other overcome our fears.

In a relationship, it is absolutely obvious that some days are sunny, some are cold. But instead of glorifying the darkness of the other person, try to highlight their brightness and youth.

This makes me write,

Touch her scars, not her agony.

Spot her fire, not her fear.

Feel her summer, not her winter.

– Pooja Gaur

So next time you hear a sad story, help them glorify their summers please.

Touch the pain, not the past.

Try to appreciate your brothers, sisters, parents, friends, classmates and families always. 

Until next time,

Keep decorating your soul.

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Pooja Gaur

Bathing with the stars

Hi family,

Sorry for not being able to post frequently as I was busy with my final semester. From now on, I promise, I will be regular. ❤

To strike the right chord for summers, here’s my little dose of love for you all ☺

🌟🌌 To all the invincible girls, you are one precious gem, one decorated soul ❤❤❤ never give up! keep that dream on🌌🌟

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Bathing with the stars

She talked with the moon,

danced with the sky,

And bathed with the stars.

– Pooja Gaur

Until next time,

Keep decorating your soul.


Pooja Gaur.

Let’s Be Seventeen Again

Hello friends,

It’s Twenty Seventeen!

Alas! Can you believe a week is over already? I just attended few dinners, bought some groceries and watched Rizzoli & Isles! What did you all do this week?

Well, it was yesterday that I thought to myself- how fascinating life was when I was sixteen plus one. Read more

A New Beginning 

Hello beautiful people,

For pondering over a couple of hours about what my first post should be, I thought the best way to start blog writing is to start with something I love the most.

It’s the time of cold waves outside, but warm hugs inside. I love winters. The colder it gets, the more a family hugs.  Keep on reading!